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AVA is your NEW Automated Virtual Assistant! She holds real time, human-like text message conversations with everyone you connect her with and then texts you whenever worthwhile happens with that lead. She'll even automatically follow up with each of your leads and invite them to visit any website of your choice!
98% of texts are read and over 90% of them are read within 3 minutes! If you're not texting your leads & customers, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY! Use our built-in 2 way text messaging chat system to send text messages to one or ALL of your contacts with just a few presses of your finger! Register to learn how to start texting TODAY!
With our lucrative reseller program, you can get payments of $100 and even $500 everytime AVA makes a sale for you! The best part, you get paid DIRECTLY via any payment method of your choice! ie: Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Credit Card, Bitcoin or however else you choose to get paid! No WAITING! Make a sale and get the money INSTANTLY! Our reseller program has paid out over $1 MILLION to date! Come learn how to be part of it and meet other people just like you having incredible success with AVA & the TextBot platform!



Duration ~40 mins

Meet Your Host

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Jeffrey A. Long

Jeffrey A. Long

CEO, TextBot

As a self taught web developer & programmer at the young age of 16, Jeff has been helping people leverage the power of technology to create more abundance & time freedom in their own lives for nearly 20 years!

He is a leader in the online business opportunity world and an innovator who's systems, softwares & opportunities have gone on to change countless lives all around the world!

Jeff is passionate about helping people learn how to tap into the technology around them to help give them back their time but what fulfills him the most is seeing others using his creations to make the money they need to live their best life.


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